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Stepping into a new office feels no different than your first day at school. The anxiety of having to adapt to a completely new environment, making new friends, and getting used to the new work dynamics is too much to handle. If you are at a similar phase in your life, then hear us, it is normal. We have all been there. We have listed below a few tips to handle new job pressure. Hope they help you stay put and build amazing first impressions.


The first and foremost step toward dealing with new job anxiety is to accept that you are stressed. Most new employees develop a habit of shoving their anxiety to the back of their minds thinking that it will alleviate over time. But unfortunately, that always misfires. The stress unattended piles up and might eventually lead to a mental breakdown.

Therefore, acknowledge the anxiety. This also involves questioning yourself about what exactly bothers you. Is it the new co-workers you are finding hard to get along with, or your manager’s high expectations; is it the work environment that you are not finding comfortable, or the pressure of work you are having difficulty dealing with?

Gaining clarity of thoughts will allow you to understand yourself better. It will not only burn down a part of the burden but will also help you select the right approach to deal with your new job stress.

2.   TALK

One of the most effective ways to release new job stress is to communicate about it. Do not try to suppress what you feel. Talk about it with your close friends, family, or anyone else you can confide in.

You might find comfort in their words. Listening to similar experiences of theirs will assure you of the fact that you are not alone. There was a time when they felt the same too. It will give you hope that it is a matter of time and the new job anxiety will fade soon.

If you are worried about how to deal with work pressure or anything associated with the office environment, then feel free to share with your co-workers. It is evident that you will feel uncomfortable opening up to them initially but give them an opportunity to help you.

It is during these moments of vulnerability that you make the best of friends. Learn how they try to manage work stress.

Share with them the concerns about the office environment and see how they cope with it. You can also try talking to your manager. This will not only help you release pressure but will also bring you closer to your fellow employees and make you feel included.


Everything has a learning curve. Irrespective of how smart or diligent you are or how good you were at your previous job, know that starting from scratch will require you to learn a whole different set of skills.

Allow yourself the time to learn. Do not get overwhelmed if you make mistakes. Try to give your best but do not set unrealistic expectations. That will make it extremely hard for you to deal with work pressure. You will miss a deadline every now and then and fail to get the dynamics of a new task at hand. Know that it’s fine.

Take it slow and focus on the process of learning. Do not attach your identity to the finesse with which you complete every task. That will make you question your worth every time you stumble a little. Try to take it easy.


One of the biggest things to concentrate on during your early days in the office is to try and maintain your composure at all times. Stop overanalyzing things. If one of your co-workers does not smile or another doesn’t wish you good morning as he always does, do not try to shoulder the burden of it.

 Do not start thinking that it might be the consequence of something you did. Just go with the flow of the day, stay on your best behavior and things will fall into place.



Moreover, try to stay away from the drama at the office and work politics. You might hear different people with different perspectives; some might also ask for your opinions during a heated conversation. Restrain yourself from stepping into such puddles as they might backfire in ways unwanted which will only add to your existing anxiety, making things worse.


Do not start compromising on your hours of sleep as a means to manage work stress. Lack of proper sleep can hamper your life in ways you had never thought of. It will not only strain you mentally but also physically.

 Showing up at the office without proper sleep will lead to decreased productivity and effectiveness. It might also cause you to have a bad mood. The additive effect of all these factors will not only ruin the chemistry with your co-workers but also with your work.

In this way, there are high chances that the progress you made at the office the previous day will be rendered useless. Therefore, one of the most important tips to handle new job pressure is to get proper sleep.

If you are having a disturbed sleep schedule, then download helpful apps, listen to relaxing music, talk to a professional and do anything else that you find suitable to fix it.


Remind yourself that the office is a part of your life and not your entire life. Therefore, spend time with your friends and family. Have some me-time where you perform activities that give you joy.

Read books, pursue a hobby, or just exercise, but make recreation an important part of your routine. Whenever you are off the office, attending to things related to your personal life, make sure to keep aside your office work. Maintaining the right balance between your personal and professional life will recharge you and help you deal with stress better.


Almost everyone you see around was once new in an office or at work. It is normal to feel anxious but with acceptance, communication, and time, everything will achieve normalcy. Hope, the above tips to handle new job pressure will help you a little in your novel endeavor. Have faith in yourself and let life happen to you.

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